About Bauer Pike Law Firm Great Bend Kansas

Bauer, Pike, Bauer, Wary & Carroll, LLC is a local law firm in Barton County with its office located at 1310 Kansas Avenue in downtown Great Bend, Kansas. The firm was founded in Great Bend in 1990 by Greg L. Bauer and Chuck R. Pike, and has a strong legal practice in the areas of Oil and Gas, Business and Corporate, Civil Litigation, Criminal, Domestic (Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support), Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Probate Law, and Real Estate and Transactions.

Bauer, Pike, Bauer, Wary & Carroll, LLC performs legal services for a diverse group of clients. Business clients range from large companies to sole proprietors as well as individuals with varied legal needs. Our primary objective is to deliver the highest quality legal service. We understand that legal service should be cost effective and focus on the objectives of the client, whether these objectives are the goals for a company or the personal or financial benefits of an individual.

Our law firm demonstrates integrity and professionalism when dealing with clients, the courts, adversaries and anyone we do business with.

Our lawyers form a compatible team of people working together to provide the legal services our clients need with the highest standards of excellence at an affordable cost.

Bauer, Pike, Bauer, Wary & Carroll, LLC measures success by the quality of client relationships. It is not uncommon for our clients to begin using our services for one specific practice and expand into other practice areas later on. We have a continued interest in our clients’ matters and keep them up-to-date on new developments we believe to be of interest to them. Trust is built over time by providing counsel and legal expertise to our clients.

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